Who is 3p Advisory?

Tasmania is changing and growing faster than we’ve ever seen. Many Tasmanians don’t know how they feel about the changes happening around them at a local level and across the State. In Tasmania, there has been a history of change happening to us, not with us.

3P Advisory is a Tasmanian organisation that specialises in community sentiment, stakeholder and community engagement. Based in Hobart and Launceston, as well as operating across Tasmania, we work with local communities to provide a range of options to ensure the perspectives of local people are included in local projects and/or developments. We help make sure people don’t feel like they’re being left behind or they don’t have a voice in the decisions that are being made that will impact their lives. 3P specialise in listening to Tasmanians to ensure businesses/organisations can understand the perspective and expectations of local people on your issue, project or development.

Kym Goodes, the principal of 3P, is recognised as one of the foremost public voices in Tasmania.

She has two decades of experience working in government and the not for profit sector in social and economic public policy fields as diverse as education, employment, transport, energy, digital inclusion, health, housing and human services. She has worked across both the public and private sectors as a sought-after adviser specialising in public engagement and evidence-informed policy and program responses.

For large projects, Kym draws on a diverse team of associates and partner organisations to ensure the skills and experience mix to meet your needs are available.

About the Data

To participate on this site, you will be required to complete a basic registration form to ensure we capture unique data from participants. Your personal information is not shared with the organisations related to each project. The data from the surveys is anonymous. You will not be contacted in the future unless you tick that you are interested in future participation in social research.

You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.